Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cooking on Sunday with Rachael Ray

My first attempt at a Rachael Ray meal!

The Meal: Monte Cristo Stuffed Chicken Cutlets
I picked this because I was intrigued by the gravy, it has dijon mustard and maple syrup in it (two ingredients that I put in my split pea soup) which actually proved to be the sticking point with my family's taste buds.

The Cost: $26.00
I already had most of the ingredients in my kitchen so the shopping was pretty easy. The chicken breasts came 5 to a package so I had an extra and my only replacement ingredient was vegetable oil instead of canola oil.

Cooking Time: 1hr. and 45 min.
My husband helped me with this meal, he initially cut the breast portions and then prepared the flour and eggs for dredging while I stuffed the chicken breasts. He also made the gravy while I finished up the mashed potatoes.
We could not seem to get the center of the cutlets cooked enough on the stove so we put them in the oven at 300 degrees while we finished with the gravy and potatoes.

The Results: 3 Thumbs Up and 1 Mixed Review
My husband and oldest son liked the stuffed chicken cutlets and loved the gravy.
My younger son liked the cutlets themselves but did not care for the gravy. To some degree I agreed with him, I felt as though the Dijon was a little over powering in the gravy and would probably lessen the amount next time. But over all, I really liked the meal!

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