Friday, February 18, 2011

a war cry to the nations

as i drove, i heard 'they will arise like a mighty giant'. now i didn't actually see them, but i knew that 'they' were the american church. the believers in america. and they appeared as a vapor, a mist of sorts. and as the mist rose higher and higher it appeared something like the smoke of incense. the smoke rose to the heavens where it assumed the form of a pleasing aroma, a fragrance if you will. a fragrance that emerged as a war cry to the nations.
now, the day was early and i had been thinking about the state of persecuted christians around the world and the almost lethargic spiritual stage of the church in america. and i was wondering; how could all of this possibly end 'good'?
it was then that the radio broke through my thoughts with what i later interpreted to be good news. the dj was talking about the occurrence of a man vs computer jeopardy game, of which, the computer had won. now, initially this thought irritated the dj until she realized that the money won by the computer was to be donated to world vision. and the knowledge of that gesture changed her entire attitude toward the outcome of the game.
it was then that i received a small glimpse of the game board. God revealed to me that He is positioning His leaders. not those who the world may think are the 'christian' leaders, but the ones He is ordaining to be leaders. and He is strategically placing them about, where they will begin to rise up and take their appointed places. and more and more of these types of happenings would take place... they would rise like a mighty giant...
and before i could physically express my doubts i emphatically heard 'i have confidence in my people, they will arise'
and so... with that, and a few tears, i can only say, so be it and let's get to rockin' peeps!