Sunday, January 16, 2011

a post christian nation?

christianity is not humanism.
we are not supposed to be politically correct.
we are supposed to speak the truth.
and the truth is that islam is on a global bloody rampage against christians, while christians in america do nothing because they don't want to be seen by the world as narrow minded haters.

the world is supposed to know us by our love for one another! yet how are we loving our brothers and sisters by standing silently by and doing nothing for fear of what "the world" might think. Jesus never cared what the world might think, so neither should we.

the following is one of the saddest letters i have ever read, mostly because it is from a christian woman facing persecution in iraq to a n.y. jewish lady, asking for help. now don't get me wrong, i love pam gellar, she is one of my personal heroes, but what does that say about the persecuted christian's confidence in the strength of the american church to support them?
here is the letter:

"Pamela, Take a look at what the Muslims doing to the Christian in Iraq everyday. Over 80 people were beheaded in a single day during a Sunday mass. The youngest one were a 4 months old baby that was beheaded front of her parents and throw the head at her mom. Can you please please please help us? We need a strong voice like yours. God bless."

and here are the very graphic photographs... if you dare to look.

and here is a pic i never thought i would ever post.

i was at a rally in front of the egyptian consulate a few weeks ago supporting egyptian christians, protesting their harassment and genocide in egypt.
and to my surprise, the most popular person at the rally was "burn the koran day" terry jones. he is a hero to these persecuted christians because he stands up to their oppressors. he calls them the evil that they are. but what's more, he is not afraid and he doesn't care what the world, or other christians for that matter, think or say.
when i spoke with him that day, he told me he had over 200 death threats and had just received one the day before the rally. as i stood on the sidewalk talking to this very mild mannered man, i realized, that at that very moment, my life was in danger, but i didn't care, because these persecuted christian's lives where in danger everyday and i was standing with them no matter what!


i was at a rally on mt soledad yesterday in support of keeping the cross on the veteran memorial. the place was full of local heavy hitters: duncan hunter, roger hedgecock, etc. speaking in support of keeping the cross. there was a lebanese priest that prayed in the aramaic language of Jesus. there was a prominent jewish man that missed synagogue to be there and speak out in support of our cross. yet the rally itself didn't net more than 200 san diegans. where were all the local christians in defense of the cross? the cross which represents our salvation.

the host was a prominent pastor from a local mega church, yet where were the christians? the christians should have been out in numbers calling this issue exactly what it is; a hate crime. 'christianophobia' is running rampant in america, while christians here in so-cal can't find a couple of hours to enjoy a beautiful saturday morning atop mt soledad overlooking the ocean standing in solidarity for the cross of their so-called savior.

how are we supposed to ask God to show mercy upon us with a straight face?


  1. Dear DOLLY P.,

    "All religions are ancient monuments to superstitions, ignorance, ferocity; and modern religions are only ancient follies rejuvenated".
    Baron d'Holbach

  2. OMG - Great Post! I am linking this for sure :)

    @Holyheretic - Jesus Loves you even if you don't believe. Though, I pray that He would break through to you and and reveal Himself to you (His never ending and overflowing love). May all glory, honor, and praise be given to God! AMEN!

  3. i agree with pitch. i too pray for holyheretic and ask that the Lord supernaturally open his heart and mind - and set him on fire (metaphorically speaking)with the power of the holy spirit!

  4. I was at the rally too, and it seemed to be a Christian church service with more than 200 Christians in attendance! There were religious songs, Christian prayers, etc. And, the Jewish man you speak of doesn't go to synagogue...he didn't miss any service! I was there in support of the decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals which is NOT about Christianity, but rather, whether or not the cross is a religious symbol. Since you are speaking out in favor of the cross because of your Christianity, you demonstrate the court's opinion....NOT ONLY is the cross a religious symbol, but it is very specifically a symbol of YOUR Christian faith. The cross does not represent Jewish veterans, Buddhist veterans, Muslim veterans, etc. I am ALL for you raising the Christian cross ANYWHERE on private property! Go for it!

  5. im a christian from egypt do u know how many of us r paying now for burn the koran day ? do u know what happened to our sisters in the streets of alexandria because of that day ? if u want to help the christians then help them leave the country,having another citizenship provides them with the protection they need when they get back home and thats the only thing u can do that actually helps beside protecting your own country but in the way jesus wouldve done it by showing them more love . the priest that burnt the koran is selfish and doesnt care about us in other countries because he is safe in florida. my friend's sister and over 20 girls form 2 churches only payed for his violent actions. this is not the way of jesus and hate only brings hate. i hope u understand my words because im sending u from the middle of an islamic country.