Saturday, October 2, 2010

What if we just prayed?

In my vision, I see a man. He rapes. He pillages. He has no remorse. No feelings. No compassion. No understanding. He is a human representative of all that is evil. All that is wrong. He laughs as men beg for their lives. He smiles knowingly as he commits atrocities that will damage, scar women and children for life. There is a black cloud above his head. It goes where he goes, it takes form and whispers in his ear. It is an insatiable, blood thirsty god demanding more and more bloodshed. More and more death. More and more destruction.

Thousands of miles away, I see the saints lifting their voices. Lifting their voices to the most high God on behalf of the victims. The battered. The torn. The survivors of things that no one should be made to endure. Yet they have survive. And as they weep, the saints pray. As they lose hope, the saints pray. As they merely exist from day to day, the saints pray.

Where is the justice. Where is the hope. Where is God?
Lord, Lord, the saints cry out to the heavens. They weep for the oppressed, they beg their God to intervene. Their hearts are broken before the God of the universe. They fast. They pray. They weep. How can this injustice go on, when will our Lord intervene, they ask.

And when the clouds appear their darkest, there is a light that begins to break through. There are Son beams of hope appearing.

Above the man, the light begins to shine. And there is hope. A child leads him. A child tells him about a God that loves. A God that loves him. And though the child must die, the seed has been planted. The seed sprouts. It grows quickly in side of the man. He weeps. He imagines a quick death would be his most merciful option. How can he live knowing what he has done. He knows not what he should do. He has found the God of love. And he is well aware that it is a sin punishable by death. But he must not die. Not until he somehow, somehow pays his debts. He will beg for forgiveness. He will do what needs to be done to fight for the justice of his victims. And he knows what that means. It means he will eventually give up his own life. He will be made to give it up in the same agonizing way he has killed so many times. But he has decided. Decided to plant as many seeds possible before he goes to meet his maker. In hope, hope that they will grow. That they will grow a mighty harvest for the God of love. Yes, the God of love that has found and redeemed him!