Monday, September 6, 2010

a woman unveiled

I have a vision... of a woman... she is walking through very dangerous Taliban strongholds, her face is unveiled and she carries a continence of inner strength. Surrounded by this womwan are several men, they are not armed but they are her supporters and protecters.

This woman is homegrown, she comes from a poverty strickened, suppressed village. She has proven herself since she was a child by solving many problems in the city. Rumors of her intelligence circulated quickly throughout the region. She was in much danger even as a child, but she was untouchable even then.

This woman walks through the streets from village to village. She encourages and teaches. She gives women hope. She understands the torment and has a vision for the future.

One day she will be martyred and her legacy will burn bright. But, for this day she is safe and protected bringing the message of hope and grace!

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