Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh Women of Zion; We Need a Counter Revolution: A Comparison from the Book of Isaiah

Are you an American?
Are you a woman?
Are you a Christian?

If you have answered yes to those three questions, then it is imperative of you to read on.

What is Zion?

Zion is defined as “the hill on which the city of Jerusalem stands”.
During the days of Isaiah, Israel was split into two states. Israel was the northern region and Judah was the southern region. Jerusalem was located in Judah and Judah is the recipient of God’s judgment in the Book of Isaiah. God condemns the people of Judah because of their emphasis on riches, their worship of idols, their handholding with pagans, their emergence into divinations and eastern superstitions and their preoccupation with horses and chariots.

Please note: America has much in common with Judah. America is a rich country with many idols, many pagans, much divination and superstitions and many high end status vehicles.

Who were they women of Zion?

The women of Zion were the women of Judah. God says hey were haughty, flirted with their eyes, adorned themselves with bangles, nose rings, headdresses, fine garments, purses, signet rings, etc. They were perfumed, carried mirrors and jingled their anklets as they walked.

Please note: The women of the American church have much in common with the women of Zion. They are a product of their culture and preoccupied with their appearance. They wear short shorts, have breast implants, belly button piercing and show way to much skin. They inject botox into their faces, jingle with jewelry, walk haughtily and flirt with more than their eyes.

Why are the women of Zion important to us?

Judah was being judged because of their wickedness and while doom was prophesied upon them collectively as a country, Isaiah also notes that God had an additional judgment for the women of Zion. They were to be specifically punished for their vanity, immodesty, and promiscuous behavior.

Right now the church in America is looking like the nation of Judah. They have prioritized God behind their work schedules, their families, their entertainment, their possessions, their recreation, etc. They have opted for houses and cars instead of raising their own children in the ways of God. They walk like the world, they talk like the world, they dress like the world and they party like the world. Their hearts are not right with God and they have no longing for it to be so.

God is the same God today as yesterday. He has the same standards for his people today as He did in the days of Isaiah. Do not be fooled by the grace that God has allowed through the sacrifice of His Son, God still has expectations for His people. He is a Holy God and requires a Holy people.

For His daughters, God has a higher calling, as He made perfectly clear through His judgment on the women of Zion. The daughters of God are to dress modestly without excessive adornment and behave righteously, especially in the presence of men.

The women of Zion were sentenced with loss of hair, absolute baldness and the death of their men. Their men were to be killed off, leaving a seven to one ratio in a day when being a single woman was unacceptable.

Oh, American Christian women, do you want an addition sentence against you when God rebukes His church, as the women of Zion had when God rebuked Judah? It is something to think about and certainly something that can be easily avoided.

Simply start a COUNTER REVOLUTION against a culture that has infiltrated the church and CHOOSE MODESTY!

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