Monday, September 6, 2010

a new thing

It was like attending a funeral in an odd sort of way. They had the streets secured for five blocks with giant screens at each block. It was obvious they were anticipating huge crowds. "I feel bad for them" was what I found myself saying over and over again under my breath throughout the course of the 12 hour day...

It was at the stadium the night before that I had seen a vision of a large crowd of people coming over the horizon. God was preparing an army, of what I perceived to be youth and I heard Him say "it will not look like this".

It was a Friday night and the stadium was packed for a 5 hr worship night, in my mind there was nothing wrong with the way it looked. I thought it should be pleasing to God and it was. He loved every moment of it, but, He is now ready to do a new thing. Stadiums and amplified sound will be taking a back seat to the move of the marketplace.

Not exactly knowing what that meant I was reminded of a night last year when I found myself visiting a local church advertising a prophetic guest speaker. The prophet had singled me out and asked if I worked for the government in corrections or something similar. When I answered "no" he began to prophesy that I had the Spirit of Esther upon me and I had the ability to set people free. He also went onto say that I would be taking my God and my faith to the market place.

Was any of this memory relevant? I have no idea. All I know is that God is planning a very exciting 'new thing' and I want to be a part of it.

A movement in the market place... hmmm... as I ponder it, I know that anything, with God, makes the possibilities endless.

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