Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Prayer for Israel!

Israel, oh Israel how My heart cries out for you. You are My love, you are the apple of My eye, oh Israel how I will always love you.

Oh Lord hear my cry from the depths of my soul; I cry out for Israel. That you would defend her. That you would keep her and hold her in the palm of your hand as the earth erupts beneath her.
As she is surrounded by her enemies, may You keep her safe. As destiny approaches let her know that You are there. Give her hope, give her strength.

Do not mourn for Israel, for she will arise like the Morning Star! A star that will shine bright in the darkness. Her cloak shall be her shelter and her armor will stand strong. I fight for Israel. I am her provider, I am her keeper and nothing that comes against her shall prosper. She is my daughter,I hold her in my arms and I rock her. I hold her, I tell her everything will be alright and then I rise as the Mighty I Am and conquer on her behalf. Nothing shall prosper against my Israel!

Oh Lord as I lift my eyes to the heavens, I pray Your reign, I pray Your rain, I pray Your reign, may this earth be as heaven, bring Your kingdom, bring Your power, bring Your strength and bring Your compassion.
Teach us and mold us to do Your will, train us as a mighty army that will rise up in that day and conquer the enemy through Your power and Your might. Bring forth Your word to Your people, show us what is to be done. Bring us off of our knees and into Your army, Your army of the Most High God.

Get ready, get ready for the place you are to go is much different than is, and you must be ready, be ready for the fight that lies ahead. Take My hand and trust Me. Oh, you must trust Me! There should be no doubts for I am the Lord your God. Trust Me, My people, trust Me and we will move... and we will move together as an army. Be prepared, be alert, the time is at hand.

Oh Lord I ask for America and I ask for Israel and I ask for Greece - and I ask for all of your intentions and I pray blessings upon your anointed one Benjamin Netanyahu. Shower him with blessings of peace, blessings of strength, blessings of love and blessings of victory! Go before him and claim his victory that You have ordained for him. And may the enemy flee! and may the enemy flee!

It is not Israel's time, it is not Israel's time. It is My time, My time to love. My time to...

and we wait for You to tarry...

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