Saturday, March 13, 2010

a game of chess?

if only i could remember exactly what i was praying about at the time...
i was on the 78 heading west, meeting a friend to study greek and as i was singing my own version of the worship songs on the radio, i thought to myself 'i should pray for that' -
the only problem is that i don't recall what 'that' was - i mean who knows, it may be significant or than again it may not - although i do remember thinking; it wasn't something that i normally would have prayed about or maybe it was an idea that i had never approached from that particular angle in prayer before. i don't know...and i'm just confusing myself right now
so here are the facts, this is how it went down:
i was on the 78 west, singing worship, praying about something...
and there it was, a vision.
it looked like a hand was coming down from heaven - not that i believe heaven is necessarily upward - and i knew it was the hand of God reaching down to planet earth.
from there it gets a little fuzzy because at first i did not actually see a chess board. but i knew, in that place that you know, that the earth was metaphorically a chess board and as i waited to see the board or the chess pieces or... something
i began to guess: "you're moving the horses... you're moving the"... it was then when i realized; i really don't know to much about chess.
but the the vision became clear, it was that piece... that piece that looks like a castle... "you're moving the"... what was that piece called... and than i heard it clearly, "the rook"
if it wasn't so intense, it may have been comical, ignorantly stumbling through this vision as if playing spiritual charades or something
'you're moving the rook' wow that was crazy cool and... but... wait...what did it mean?
and this was the question
the question i have since wrestled with for weeks. was it a personal vision for me? a spiritual move in the heavenlies? or a global vision? and if it were a global vision, which was the way i was leaning, what nation would be the rook? or the queen? or the bishop? or.... wait... the bishop, would the bishop have something to do with the church? i don't know, sometimes i just wish visions came with decoding manuals!
it is now almost a month later, i have googled everything any one person could ever want to know about chess, i have talked with friends about it, i have even discussed it with people i don't even know at starbucks!
and what i'm sure about is; that i'm not really sure about anything.
except... in my research i did find out that the word "rook" is from an ancient persian word that means chariot and that chariots were used in warfare and that more than one person i've talked to about this believes strongly that the rook is a reference to iran.
not really knowing anything more than i did before this whole thing started, i've decided that i'm just gonna keep one eye on iran in the months to come and see what happens ...and as always, pray for israel!

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  1. I love it "spiritual charades"..... God "esplein" Lucy would say.... so we keep on praying and worshipping until the next vision.. and been thankful, amen. Great job Dolly