Friday, December 4, 2009

the variable

perched upon the invisible precipice above the abyss i experience the nothingness to the depth of my being
it is...
so vast
so dark
so cold
...void of life, yet eerily full of something.

chills run up my spine...
if there is nothing tangible in this place,
what is that presence?

it is the constant.
a constant with no true identity of it's own apart from the variable.
this very thought is transforming.

for years, in my mind, i have witnessed this truth in reverse.
i forced that variable into a box,
a box created for the sole purpose of holding it hostage.
was it self destructive?
quite possibly so...

but, i now know the truth
and the truth sets me free!

free to understand that life is measured by the variable.
free to see
the light that brightens the darkness.
and to feel
the heat that warms the cold.
free to be enveloped by the substance of His love.

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