Friday, December 4, 2009

the protectors

"he is a protector, he is there to lift up your house when khomeini comes through."

it was almost a year ago when i first saw him. we were in our living room singing worship and praying. and the vision, though hard to describe, was clear...

"he may be an angel, i mean he didn't look like an angel, not that i know what all angels look like, i mean, well he he looked more like the green giant or that mr. clean guy" i heard myself saying. "you know really big with that stern stance, straddling my home like it was one of those little monopoly houses." this wasn't easy.
but, she got it, she totally got it or at least i thought she did, then she asked, "is he facing east or west?"
well this one i was sure of, "he is facing east".
"hmm... facing east... like from washington dc" she said offhandedly... and then there was silence.
"he is a protector, he is there to lift up your house when khomeini comes through." was all she said. i heard it, but what did it mean? khomeini, who's khomeini? lift up my house?
"that's all i know" she was done and i had so many questions.

a month or so later
"hello" she answered the phone.
"i have another one" was all i said.
i heard a chuckle as she replied, "he's much shorter?"
i was taken back "how did you know?"
she laughed, "i don't really, what's this one doing?"
"he is short, yet hulkish with his arms stretched wide open across the length of my front yard fence and he is facing the east as well."
"girl! what are you into?! what are you doing that you need so much protection?" she exclaimed half question, yet half statement.

it was a question that i only had half of an answer to.
it was a statement that i would have to process and gather more data to truly understand
it was a foreshadowing of the next chapter in the book of my life.

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  1. is all I can say.
    I am happy to be friend not a foe ! .. :)