Sunday, December 27, 2009

i have the coolest friends!

as i watched her examine the creature, touching every inch of it with her eyes and her hands, i could see the wheels spinning in her head, she was intrigued. next, they handed her the cutest little kitten, of which she was practically mauling, literally dissecting it in her mind. i'm not sure if she noticed, but i did... they appeared a bit over protective if not down right territorial of their little creations as she held them in her possession.

it was then that i realized, i have the coolest friends. i mean here i was, crashing this movie production meeting because she let me tag along. sure, it was just an indie film, and yeah it was a short and so what if stop motion production isn't my favorite genre - this little indie stop motion short was gonna be in twenty-five festivals, including cannes! and here i was...

had i drifted off.. wait a minute, what were they saying? they were gonna do what... light that cute little kitten on fire!?! i should have seen this coming - i mean, the name of the film is after all, "ticket to hell".

it is at times like this that i am reassured in the knowledge that i live my life by divine appointment, because if not, i may be somewhat concerned about our new little project here that was turning innocent little felines into flaming infernos...even so i was feeling as if i should retrace the steps in my mind that had brought us to this place and ask myself some necessary questions...

why had i impulsively signed us up to go to a show biz expo in l.a. without even asking her if she wanted to go... why had she insisted at the last minute that we actually go... why had i registered her as a painter... why had she run after that young director and complimented her when she had never even seen her work... and yes it was odd that the only production person this particular director needed on her next project was a faux finisher; a painter.

this was divine appointment. so why was i questioning? i obviously needed to go over this some more in my mind...

it was friday, as i sat putting on my make-up and willing the day to be productive i distinctly heard "you are going to l.a." and so i waited...
monday morning, 7:30 a.m. the phone rang "she sent me an email, wants to have a production meeting this week, what day is good?"
wednesday morning we were on our way to l.a.

there was the ride up - well, let's just say i am always amazed at my friend's patience levels - because it was this particular day, this particular car ride that i conjured up my latest theory:
'one answer, if known, would expose secrets of global proportions'.
now what the question is, i will not divulge, nor as of yet do i know the whole answer... but i would like to point out that i am generally not given to conspiracy theories, but for reasons unbeknownst to me, this particular day they were taking center stage in my mind, even compelling me as it were.

and now...
with that particular day behind me, i am still feeling compelled, and what's more i have had time; time to think, time to ponder, time to do more research, if you will, on the global answer i seek... and now more than ever i am thoroughly convinced that there really is one question and quite possibly only one very unsettling answer.
and it it is to this end i have come to a decision, a decision which implies that this one answer is, in fact, much bigger than me and much bigger than you - therefore leaving me to conclude that it requires us.
thus i cannot stand alone any longer, i must reach out and enlist more power, more human prayer power that is - because, as naive as it sounds, i do not believe this one answer is bigger than God - and i am utterly convinced that: God + us = the whole answer - and so begins a new journey, the journey of the traveling prayer journal.

and as for the movie...

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