Friday, August 21, 2009

last night at the movies

WOW i can't believe that i have not blogged since my husband's surgery way back in june. it has been a crazy, busy, summer. my husband goes back to work on monday and my son goes back to school next thursday, then life will go back to normal! hopefully...

went to the movies yesterday in the usual pitcher fashion; go early, pay one matinee price and spend the night movie hopping. are we criminals or are we just cheap? well since we end up spending a fortune at the concession counter, i'm pretty sure we're not cheap. so maybe we are closet criminals because when the theater's manager entered into that second movie with his flashlight and clipboard and started counting heads, it made our night just a little more thrilling.
anyway, i've digressed, what i wanted to blog about were the movies that i watched last night:

the first and only legitimate movie that i actually paid to see was "the proposal" with sandra bullock and ryan reynolds. what I like about this movie is that "it is what it is", it's a romantic comedy and it makes no apologies for it. this is the kind of movie that we like to see sandra bullock in, although in this one, i believe ryan reynolds stole the show. he was perfect in this role, watching his character's metamorphosis was a thing of beauty. do anyone of us think that this entire story line could have happened in one weekend? that an ice queen defrosts that easily? or even that the story itself is plausible? the answer is no. but, we had some good belly laughs, were entertained for a couple of hours and walked away just feeling good and that's all we want from a romantic comedy. on a side note, the gratuitous nude scene was not really necessary.

the second and maybe the most thrilling (only because we thought we might have been caught) movie of the night was "time travelers wife" with rachel mcadams and eric bana. i give this movie a solid: ok. rachel mcadams did a great job with what she had to work with. i think the casting of eric bana was weak. i never really felt invested in this movie because i never really felt invested in him as the lead. with so many really good, dark, brooding, tormented actors out there i felt a little robbed with eric bana. the storyline itself seemed somewhat underdeveloped as well. i was left not completely understanding the "traveling" aspect of the movie. was his traveling limited to the circumference of his own life or did he travel outside of that, etc. on a side note the scenes of him appearing nude to a child in the meadow were initially awkward at best.

the third and final movie of the night was the 10:20pm showing of julie and julia. this one was a bit scary for us because we were the only people in the theater until right before the movie started when a young couple joined us for the showing. (we were pretty sure they hadn't paid to see the movie either). this was my favorite of the night. it is very hard to be critical of a movie that focuses on something so near and dear to my heart; food. i love meryl streep and i absolutely adore amy adams, so where do i go from there. meryl was superb as usual although her physical limitations were, in fact, the elephant in the room. julia childs was burly, she was 6'2" and did not ever have to wear five inch heels to prove it. the marital relationships in this story were endearing, both of these wives have supportive husbands that any woman would want. the story line is easy to follow and in this day of the food network frenzy, it brings to light one of the forgotten american cooking icons. although the ending was abrupt and the unresolved slam of julia child against julie the blogger left the icon appearing in a somewhat jaded light, this movie in the end is all about two very strong women, their relationships and their love of food and all i have to say to that is bon appetit!

total count for the night
2 blatant crouch shots
4 direct republican slams
oh hollywood you're so transparent!

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  1. OK , "a solid crouch shots" is what I want to know ? Is that throwing or receiving ?
    Dollly the movie GURU......Perfect !