Tuesday, May 26, 2009

does God know you?

as i listen to the sermon, my mind drifts... is it true? is what he is saying true? is there no persecution of christians in america because america just really doesn't have any christians.
are we, the believers so complacent that we evoke no true threat to the american government, much less any small part of american society?
the emphasis behind the statement eludes itself to just that thought process.
if God is good, then shouldn't we as christians despise evil and make it our mission to continually and ostentatiously sound the alarms when any form of evil exists?
or are our own "christian" lives so steeped with evil that we find ourselves paralyzed to differentiate, much less take any profound action against it?
let's press on and for the sake of this argument say our christian lives are as pure and Christlike as humanly possible - then what are we to do?
Jesus said that His sheep hear His voice- if you are a believer and are not hearing the voice of God, THEN GOD IS OF NO ETERNAL GOOD TO YOU!
pondering that very imagery may be the encouragement american christianity needs to awaken and stir the Spirit within them to consummate and birth a fresh and wondrous relationship with the Almighty - one that inspires Him to open their ears to the sound of His voice
it is only then that christians will be blessed with the distinction of profoundly shaking up not only this country but the entire world for the sake of the gospel


  1. woohoo !! I love your phrase " then God is of no eternal good to you"
    Shake em rattle and roll . I love it I needed to be shaken ,prodded. Beautiful, OK if we don't hear we need to ask ourselves some questions hey ! but what about the time when he is silent >>>> because he wants too. to make us be still I know I'm going on a tangent sort off. Back to your post. Where did you hear the sermon that prompted all this ? I was waiting for this post !

  2. I think it's great that you can ponder serious subjects, but also have a great sense of humour. Like Ms. Eichi:)

    I agree that we should despise evil, and it's an ongoing battle. But, I still believe in the goodness of human beings, and the good always prevails!

  3. But, My question really is, What is evil defined of really? Is it evil when someone may follow a different religion but still believe in a higher power? Because in the end it all comes back to a god, or for some, goddess, or both. But what I am saying is, is evil defined as cruel acts, wrong doings and such. Or is it anything a person doesn't agree with? There are some out there that have personal values that when braught against are considered evil by the being, But in reality it really wasn't evil at all. But yes, religion is such a strong, and highly argued subject. I believe, in my opinion, that all religions should be accepted, because like I said above, everyone believes in some kind of higher being, whether it be in a different name, or otherwise.