Tuesday, May 26, 2009

does God know you?

as i listen to the sermon, my mind drifts... is it true? is what he is saying true? is there no persecution of christians in america because america just really doesn't have any christians.
are we, the believers so complacent that we evoke no true threat to the american government, much less any small part of american society?
the emphasis behind the statement eludes itself to just that thought process.
if God is good, then shouldn't we as christians despise evil and make it our mission to continually and ostentatiously sound the alarms when any form of evil exists?
or are our own "christian" lives so steeped with evil that we find ourselves paralyzed to differentiate, much less take any profound action against it?
let's press on and for the sake of this argument say our christian lives are as pure and Christlike as humanly possible - then what are we to do?
Jesus said that His sheep hear His voice- if you are a believer and are not hearing the voice of God, THEN GOD IS OF NO ETERNAL GOOD TO YOU!
pondering that very imagery may be the encouragement american christianity needs to awaken and stir the Spirit within them to consummate and birth a fresh and wondrous relationship with the Almighty - one that inspires Him to open their ears to the sound of His voice
it is only then that christians will be blessed with the distinction of profoundly shaking up not only this country but the entire world for the sake of the gospel

Friday, May 1, 2009

a peculiar people

what is more important: to understand the experience called emotions or to be able to differentiate right from wrong... and what happens if you don't immediately have either ability, can those abilities be learned or are you just a deviant?

deviant n. One that differs from a norm, especially a person whose behavior and attitudes differ from accepted social standards

so if you are a deviant and if your deviant behavior endangers others, where is your place in society? and does it matter if you consciously choose to deviate or the disabilities dealt you at birth do not allow you these common functions that are considered "the norm"? what shall be done with you? after all the mental poking and prodding concludes, the jury will be in, the verdict will be read and society will have made their decisions for your life... then the rest of us will have to find our place in their choice.

when faced with these situations, the grace of God is the only thing one can truly count on. if He has said, "help is coming" and "goodness will come from this" then it is true. God will not be made a liar! although in cases such as these, perception may truly be key. human's perception of "help" and "goodness" does not easily align with God' s perception. while mankind is looking for the quick fix, God tends to be patiently deciding the long term. it was that realization coupled with the knowledge that two monks were flying in from france to attend "glory and fire" that allowed me a glimpse of revelation into something that was given to me months ago... something that at the time i did not quite understand - let me attempt to explain...

just last year there was a fervent pastor who prayed daily with his congregation for over one hundred days, it was an amazing time. this pastor prayed for things that most pastors don't - he asked for God's glory, the fire and gifts of the Spirit, signs and wonders and the request i loved most, the continual prayer that God would send a "peculiar people"... as it turns out the corporate powers that be at that particular facility did not have the same desires and the pastor was sent away... and so i asked "what is to come of this" and heard simply, "it has already been put into motion, it will happen"... i was confused - yes, i understood that the requests were going to come to pass, but the question was, "where?" was this exiled pastor to pack up his prayers and take them with him or were they to stay at the facility at which and for which they were uttered?

the answer should have been obvious. but, to me, it was not... not until the curious appearance of the french monks... what was this "glory and fire" teaching that monks would fly from france? i had to know - so, my love affair with search engines was kindled and i found an answer, maybe not the answer to that particular question - but a long awaited answer none the less - it appeared there is a local congregation of, and i believe i am biblically correct in saying, "peculiar" people, this congregation was sponsoring a "glory and fire" weekend. now, because they do not have a facility of their own they are using the very same one that the fervent pastor had spent days and months petitioning on behalf of... now isn't that peculiar indeed?

it seems prayers are not always answered the way we think they should be and for that we should be grateful - we should also continue to pray as if our lives and the lives of others depend on it - because in some odd way they do!
...the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much
james 5:16 kjv