Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Comic Strip Reality

The Characters:

(aka Burrito)

(aka Mitzi)

The shenanigans that make up their
days brighten the moments of my life!


  1. Hey, I thought there would be a pic of the shenanigans !!!!????? where's the rest of the story. Oh yea, I forgot you have to write the script first. Do you think they will be able to follow along ? = )
    wow that 's a gnarly picture of miss kitty here, what the dog do to her ? Or Is that cat seeing something strange ?

  2. How adorable they are! And, I'd like to see their shenanigans, too:) Dogs and cats are such fun to watch, as all animals are.

    It's amazing how they are always being depicted as enemies, when in truth, they can be such great friends. After all, sometimes opposites do attract.