Wednesday, April 22, 2009

dolly: writer extraordinaire!

i went to a writing workshop wednesday night - it was very impressive for a local christian event -the teacher and guest speaker were both very accomplished and yes, it was way out of my element!

the first 1/2 hr was spent teaching us the formula on writing commercials, whether for tv or radio - then BAM! we were given an assignment - yes, you heard that right, an ASSIGNMENT! - we had ten minutes to write a thirty second spot!

i did what any other incompetent person that was out of their league would do, i asked where the restroom was and there i hid for five minutes - when the teacher came around to pick up the papers i just looked at him and shrugged - i'm pretty sure that was a look of impression he shot back at me... or maybe not

but, the good news is that i don't ever plan on going into advertising and/or marketing, there for my commercial writing skills will never be needed

so in 'dolly's corner' the cup is still half full!


  1. Dolly,
    Your courage is big. You even show it here by telling us.
    I know your snappy come backs, girl. I attribute this sudden momentary fear to " stage fright ".
    Push to do it next time what's the worse thing that could happen, a strange look !
    Your brain and quick wits are too good not to use in a silly exercise.
    But then again I don't have much room to talk !!! but I like having 4 fingers pointing at me. ah ah !

  2. HAHAHA! It's so amusing to picture you hiding in a bathroom :P I think you would have been good at the assignment though :)