Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Comic Strip Reality

The Characters:

(aka Burrito)

(aka Mitzi)

The shenanigans that make up their
days brighten the moments of my life!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

oddity of oddities

i've been praying for him all week, this house could literally be the death of him. i grab the anointing oil and throw it in my purse on the way out the door to the open house. desperate times call for desperate measures and this can't hurt! - i spend the first 20 minutes going through the house, room by room, blessing and praying while anointing windows and door jams - as i work my way through the house i notice a black crow outside walking the perimeter with me, watching me - i'm convinced there's something symbolic about it - but i don't have the time or the energy to figure it out because i am dancing. yes, you heard that right, i'm pretty sure i'm doing some reasonable facsimile of an ancient hebrew dance?
sunday night my husband points out that in the majority of bible translations Job 1:7 reads something to the effect; satan has come from "roaming THROUGH the earth and going back and forth IN it" - did you catch that? in and through, not ON! - i'm elated and think "i should call my friend." - some how in my mind this validates the epiphany i had while driving through fallbrook last month that "the earth is infinite at it's core" - she'll make sense of it!

i keep seeing glimpses out of the corner of my eye - they are whizzing by - i turn to look and catch a blur of a colorful horizontally stripped t-shirt - do celestrials wear clothing? - my friend will know - i have to give her a call - she'll be happy because this sighting lends itself to her theory - over the last few weeks we have been debating the means by which celestrials travel - i believed (notice i use past tense) they move freely about though the dimensions while she argues they use "portholes" at set places and times - she is also convinced that these occurrences may be askew right now because of the abundance of satellite usage, analog waves, etc. -
today i also see a handful of new angels "hovering" in the right front corner of my front yard - no signs of weapons, armor or warfare - i wonder what they are for - i'll ask my friend about that - i should call her - i try a couple of times to reach her to no avail -
monday night - i wonder why she hasn't called me back?

i have a ton of work to do at the office, but i don't want to leave my house for the second day in a row - why, i wonder, do i just want to be at home - "for protection" is the answer - now that's something i should ponder...
why hasn't my friend called me back, it's unlike her, i'll call her again - she answers the phone, i hear "are you sitting down" and i laugh, then she says "no, really are you sitting down" - so i sit - it's a good thing because i become paralyzed, this can not be real, i'm dreaming, this conversation is not happening, is my friend really saying what i am hearing? - her life has literally been ripped from the headlines - her family devastated - i am devastated - she is so strong and so relatively calm - i'm jello, i have to force myself to believe it and mentally sort through all of the ramifications that go with it. devastation is really the only word that fits - i live in a daze for hours - hours turn into a day
the healing room offers a little bit of comfort - but really there's no comfort to be found in situations like this

i talk to God, i yell at God - he is calm - "help is coming", somehow goodness will come from this event? no assurances are good enough - i call my friend - there is a ever so slight glimmer of hope - she is holding onto God's promises - she is so strong and i am so proud of her - even as my heart breaks for her, i am so proud...
wednesday night
the guest speaker at my writing session has spent the last hour telling us not to be "cliche" - i get it - when class is over they anoint and pray over us - the prophet says that over me he sees "cliche" - i can tell he finds it ironic by the tiny chuckle that comes as he continues - there is something about seeing a flower blooming and even though there will be the use of cliches, there are affirmations that they will somehow be different...they will have new life and new meaning - they will have a twist - the best quote of the night however had come earlier from the teacher, he said, "YOUR perspective is the one that nobody else has!" somehow it all ties together and comforts me, i will press on.
that's it for today, i'm tired and i need sleep -but i know tomorrow will bring new hope!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Texas Women's Big Hair Pride Parade

These are the photos we sent in with our applications

I sure do hope we get accepted!

my fry-end the ar-teest

my friend is the best artist in the whole world, ok maybe not the whole world...
but, she's the best artist in my world and that's really all that counts!
go to her blogs and check her out

what are you waiting for? go now!!!
don't make me tell you again *snap

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

dolly: writer extraordinaire!

i went to a writing workshop wednesday night - it was very impressive for a local christian event -the teacher and guest speaker were both very accomplished and yes, it was way out of my element!

the first 1/2 hr was spent teaching us the formula on writing commercials, whether for tv or radio - then BAM! we were given an assignment - yes, you heard that right, an ASSIGNMENT! - we had ten minutes to write a thirty second spot!

i did what any other incompetent person that was out of their league would do, i asked where the restroom was and there i hid for five minutes - when the teacher came around to pick up the papers i just looked at him and shrugged - i'm pretty sure that was a look of impression he shot back at me... or maybe not

but, the good news is that i don't ever plan on going into advertising and/or marketing, there for my commercial writing skills will never be needed

so in 'dolly's corner' the cup is still half full!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hillsong At The Rock Last Night!

That's what I'm talkin' about, right there - my homegirls, my Hillsong/Rock connection!

For most of the people in the house it was a night of worshiping God with reckless abandon!

2girls4girls / pitcher&eichi
coming soon

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Since I am convinced that I am the only person that still likes Sarah Palin, I've decided to take a poll!

I Love Going To Tea Parties!

they are kind of like a parade... except completely the opposite?

you get to spend quality time with your husband.. yes that one's mine, the crazy activist in the green jacket!

you get to see all the latest fashion trends...

and the not so latest!

you run into friends and acquaintances

and people freely get to express themselves

even though some act like they are at a funeral...

but, I think the best part of the party was this slogan I found left behind on the Arts Center fence.
to that I say Amen!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Census 2010

I have only been canvassing for the census a few days and already I have had:

a. a drunk guy accuse me of raising his taxes
b. a woman threaten to call the park manager and have me kicked out
c. a woman telling me I should never come to her door and then stalk me for about 10 minutes
d. 3 males answer the door in their underwear
e. one lady tell me if I was from a.c.o.r.n. she would refuse to talk to me
f. 4 people ask me if I like my job and how can they get hired

Needless to say it's a very interesting job!

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Surreal Moment

I was grocery shopping with my husband yesterday when I heard this little third grader run up behind me and loudly say "Hi!". I turned around, looked down and saw this sweet little face looking up at me. Then quickly she added with a tooth missing smile "I know you from the Good News Club!" I couldn't help but smile back as I noticed her face looked like her mother's makeup bag had exploded all over it. Then I replied "Yes you do and you look beautiful today!" She smiled again and said "There's my dad, I have to go" and ran off down the cereal isle.
As I stood there in that second it all seemed surreal and I knew that I was right where God wanted me to be. Then I looked up to see my husband with a little smile on his face, he put his arm around me, winked and said "Wow, you're kind of a big deal, huh?" and we both began to laugh as we finished our shopping.

If you are looking for a ministry opportunity, The Good News Club is an after school program that teaches elementary kids about God and the Bible, get plugged in and volunteer!