Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cooking on Sunday with Rachael Ray

My first attempt at a Rachael Ray meal!

The Meal: Monte Cristo Stuffed Chicken Cutlets
I picked this because I was intrigued by the gravy, it has dijon mustard and maple syrup in it (two ingredients that I put in my split pea soup) which actually proved to be the sticking point with my family's taste buds.

The Cost: $26.00
I already had most of the ingredients in my kitchen so the shopping was pretty easy. The chicken breasts came 5 to a package so I had an extra and my only replacement ingredient was vegetable oil instead of canola oil.

Cooking Time: 1hr. and 45 min.
My husband helped me with this meal, he initially cut the breast portions and then prepared the flour and eggs for dredging while I stuffed the chicken breasts. He also made the gravy while I finished up the mashed potatoes.
We could not seem to get the center of the cutlets cooked enough on the stove so we put them in the oven at 300 degrees while we finished with the gravy and potatoes.

The Results: 3 Thumbs Up and 1 Mixed Review
My husband and oldest son liked the stuffed chicken cutlets and loved the gravy.
My younger son liked the cutlets themselves but did not care for the gravy. To some degree I agreed with him, I felt as though the Dijon was a little over powering in the gravy and would probably lessen the amount next time. But over all, I really liked the meal!

Friday, February 18, 2011

a war cry to the nations

as i drove, i heard 'they will arise like a mighty giant'. now i didn't actually see them, but i knew that 'they' were the american church. the believers in america. and they appeared as a vapor, a mist of sorts. and as the mist rose higher and higher it appeared something like the smoke of incense. the smoke rose to the heavens where it assumed the form of a pleasing aroma, a fragrance if you will. a fragrance that emerged as a war cry to the nations.
now, the day was early and i had been thinking about the state of persecuted christians around the world and the almost lethargic spiritual stage of the church in america. and i was wondering; how could all of this possibly end 'good'?
it was then that the radio broke through my thoughts with what i later interpreted to be good news. the dj was talking about the occurrence of a man vs computer jeopardy game, of which, the computer had won. now, initially this thought irritated the dj until she realized that the money won by the computer was to be donated to world vision. and the knowledge of that gesture changed her entire attitude toward the outcome of the game.
it was then that i received a small glimpse of the game board. God revealed to me that He is positioning His leaders. not those who the world may think are the 'christian' leaders, but the ones He is ordaining to be leaders. and He is strategically placing them about, where they will begin to rise up and take their appointed places. and more and more of these types of happenings would take place... they would rise like a mighty giant...
and before i could physically express my doubts i emphatically heard 'i have confidence in my people, they will arise'
and so... with that, and a few tears, i can only say, so be it and let's get to rockin' peeps!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

a post christian nation?

christianity is not humanism.
we are not supposed to be politically correct.
we are supposed to speak the truth.
and the truth is that islam is on a global bloody rampage against christians, while christians in america do nothing because they don't want to be seen by the world as narrow minded haters.

the world is supposed to know us by our love for one another! yet how are we loving our brothers and sisters by standing silently by and doing nothing for fear of what "the world" might think. Jesus never cared what the world might think, so neither should we.

the following is one of the saddest letters i have ever read, mostly because it is from a christian woman facing persecution in iraq to a n.y. jewish lady, asking for help. now don't get me wrong, i love pam gellar, she is one of my personal heroes, but what does that say about the persecuted christian's confidence in the strength of the american church to support them?
here is the letter:

"Pamela, Take a look at what the Muslims doing to the Christian in Iraq everyday. Over 80 people were beheaded in a single day during a Sunday mass. The youngest one were a 4 months old baby that was beheaded front of her parents and throw the head at her mom. Can you please please please help us? We need a strong voice like yours. God bless."

and here are the very graphic photographs... if you dare to look.

and here is a pic i never thought i would ever post.

i was at a rally in front of the egyptian consulate a few weeks ago supporting egyptian christians, protesting their harassment and genocide in egypt.
and to my surprise, the most popular person at the rally was "burn the koran day" terry jones. he is a hero to these persecuted christians because he stands up to their oppressors. he calls them the evil that they are. but what's more, he is not afraid and he doesn't care what the world, or other christians for that matter, think or say.
when i spoke with him that day, he told me he had over 200 death threats and had just received one the day before the rally. as i stood on the sidewalk talking to this very mild mannered man, i realized, that at that very moment, my life was in danger, but i didn't care, because these persecuted christian's lives where in danger everyday and i was standing with them no matter what!


i was at a rally on mt soledad yesterday in support of keeping the cross on the veteran memorial. the place was full of local heavy hitters: duncan hunter, roger hedgecock, etc. speaking in support of keeping the cross. there was a lebanese priest that prayed in the aramaic language of Jesus. there was a prominent jewish man that missed synagogue to be there and speak out in support of our cross. yet the rally itself didn't net more than 200 san diegans. where were all the local christians in defense of the cross? the cross which represents our salvation.

the host was a prominent pastor from a local mega church, yet where were the christians? the christians should have been out in numbers calling this issue exactly what it is; a hate crime. 'christianophobia' is running rampant in america, while christians here in so-cal can't find a couple of hours to enjoy a beautiful saturday morning atop mt soledad overlooking the ocean standing in solidarity for the cross of their so-called savior.

how are we supposed to ask God to show mercy upon us with a straight face?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

What if we just prayed?

In my vision, I see a man. He rapes. He pillages. He has no remorse. No feelings. No compassion. No understanding. He is a human representative of all that is evil. All that is wrong. He laughs as men beg for their lives. He smiles knowingly as he commits atrocities that will damage, scar women and children for life. There is a black cloud above his head. It goes where he goes, it takes form and whispers in his ear. It is an insatiable, blood thirsty god demanding more and more bloodshed. More and more death. More and more destruction.

Thousands of miles away, I see the saints lifting their voices. Lifting their voices to the most high God on behalf of the victims. The battered. The torn. The survivors of things that no one should be made to endure. Yet they have survive. And as they weep, the saints pray. As they lose hope, the saints pray. As they merely exist from day to day, the saints pray.

Where is the justice. Where is the hope. Where is God?
Lord, Lord, the saints cry out to the heavens. They weep for the oppressed, they beg their God to intervene. Their hearts are broken before the God of the universe. They fast. They pray. They weep. How can this injustice go on, when will our Lord intervene, they ask.

And when the clouds appear their darkest, there is a light that begins to break through. There are Son beams of hope appearing.

Above the man, the light begins to shine. And there is hope. A child leads him. A child tells him about a God that loves. A God that loves him. And though the child must die, the seed has been planted. The seed sprouts. It grows quickly in side of the man. He weeps. He imagines a quick death would be his most merciful option. How can he live knowing what he has done. He knows not what he should do. He has found the God of love. And he is well aware that it is a sin punishable by death. But he must not die. Not until he somehow, somehow pays his debts. He will beg for forgiveness. He will do what needs to be done to fight for the justice of his victims. And he knows what that means. It means he will eventually give up his own life. He will be made to give it up in the same agonizing way he has killed so many times. But he has decided. Decided to plant as many seeds possible before he goes to meet his maker. In hope, hope that they will grow. That they will grow a mighty harvest for the God of love. Yes, the God of love that has found and redeemed him!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh Women of Zion; We Need a Counter Revolution: A Comparison from the Book of Isaiah

Are you an American?
Are you a woman?
Are you a Christian?

If you have answered yes to those three questions, then it is imperative of you to read on.

What is Zion?

Zion is defined as “the hill on which the city of Jerusalem stands”.
During the days of Isaiah, Israel was split into two states. Israel was the northern region and Judah was the southern region. Jerusalem was located in Judah and Judah is the recipient of God’s judgment in the Book of Isaiah. God condemns the people of Judah because of their emphasis on riches, their worship of idols, their handholding with pagans, their emergence into divinations and eastern superstitions and their preoccupation with horses and chariots.

Please note: America has much in common with Judah. America is a rich country with many idols, many pagans, much divination and superstitions and many high end status vehicles.

Who were they women of Zion?

The women of Zion were the women of Judah. God says hey were haughty, flirted with their eyes, adorned themselves with bangles, nose rings, headdresses, fine garments, purses, signet rings, etc. They were perfumed, carried mirrors and jingled their anklets as they walked.

Please note: The women of the American church have much in common with the women of Zion. They are a product of their culture and preoccupied with their appearance. They wear short shorts, have breast implants, belly button piercing and show way to much skin. They inject botox into their faces, jingle with jewelry, walk haughtily and flirt with more than their eyes.

Why are the women of Zion important to us?

Judah was being judged because of their wickedness and while doom was prophesied upon them collectively as a country, Isaiah also notes that God had an additional judgment for the women of Zion. They were to be specifically punished for their vanity, immodesty, and promiscuous behavior.

Right now the church in America is looking like the nation of Judah. They have prioritized God behind their work schedules, their families, their entertainment, their possessions, their recreation, etc. They have opted for houses and cars instead of raising their own children in the ways of God. They walk like the world, they talk like the world, they dress like the world and they party like the world. Their hearts are not right with God and they have no longing for it to be so.

God is the same God today as yesterday. He has the same standards for his people today as He did in the days of Isaiah. Do not be fooled by the grace that God has allowed through the sacrifice of His Son, God still has expectations for His people. He is a Holy God and requires a Holy people.

For His daughters, God has a higher calling, as He made perfectly clear through His judgment on the women of Zion. The daughters of God are to dress modestly without excessive adornment and behave righteously, especially in the presence of men.

The women of Zion were sentenced with loss of hair, absolute baldness and the death of their men. Their men were to be killed off, leaving a seven to one ratio in a day when being a single woman was unacceptable.

Oh, American Christian women, do you want an addition sentence against you when God rebukes His church, as the women of Zion had when God rebuked Judah? It is something to think about and certainly something that can be easily avoided.

Simply start a COUNTER REVOLUTION against a culture that has infiltrated the church and CHOOSE MODESTY!

Monday, September 6, 2010

a new thing

It was like attending a funeral in an odd sort of way. They had the streets secured for five blocks with giant screens at each block. It was obvious they were anticipating huge crowds. "I feel bad for them" was what I found myself saying over and over again under my breath throughout the course of the 12 hour day...

It was at the stadium the night before that I had seen a vision of a large crowd of people coming over the horizon. God was preparing an army, of what I perceived to be youth and I heard Him say "it will not look like this".

It was a Friday night and the stadium was packed for a 5 hr worship night, in my mind there was nothing wrong with the way it looked. I thought it should be pleasing to God and it was. He loved every moment of it, but, He is now ready to do a new thing. Stadiums and amplified sound will be taking a back seat to the move of the marketplace.

Not exactly knowing what that meant I was reminded of a night last year when I found myself visiting a local church advertising a prophetic guest speaker. The prophet had singled me out and asked if I worked for the government in corrections or something similar. When I answered "no" he began to prophesy that I had the Spirit of Esther upon me and I had the ability to set people free. He also went onto say that I would be taking my God and my faith to the market place.

Was any of this memory relevant? I have no idea. All I know is that God is planning a very exciting 'new thing' and I want to be a part of it.

A movement in the market place... hmmm... as I ponder it, I know that anything, with God, makes the possibilities endless.

a woman unveiled

I have a vision... of a woman... she is walking through very dangerous Taliban strongholds, her face is unveiled and she carries a continence of inner strength. Surrounded by this womwan are several men, they are not armed but they are her supporters and protecters.

This woman is homegrown, she comes from a poverty strickened, suppressed village. She has proven herself since she was a child by solving many problems in the city. Rumors of her intelligence circulated quickly throughout the region. She was in much danger even as a child, but she was untouchable even then.

This woman walks through the streets from village to village. She encourages and teaches. She gives women hope. She understands the torment and has a vision for the future.

One day she will be martyred and her legacy will burn bright. But, for this day she is safe and protected bringing the message of hope and grace!